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Beltone's mission is : "no one can miss the possibility of having a better life through better quality hearing"

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Since 1940, Beltone has provided hearing services available to everyone.

This year, we are proud to celebrate Beltone's 80th birthday.

We hope that you entrust your hearing health services to us, based on product research and development that has been tested to our customers throughout the world.

Beltone Award-winning Technology





•     CIC is one of the model of hearing aids installed in the earpiece.


•    The audiologist will print the earmould so that the device will be perfectly fit

     with the shape of the ear canal. This things will provide optimal comfort and

     sound quality.


•     CIC will provide better hearing without worrying about being seen.


•     This type is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.




•    The ITC model is made according to the shape of the ear canal.

      Even though it is bigger than CIC, ITC remains an aesthetically attractive choice.

•     The ITC model has a slightly longer battery life.


•     Medium size makes it easy to adjust program buttons and volume.


•     This type is suitable from mild to severe hearing loss.




•     The RIE model is a Hearing Aid model that is very popular today

•     Separate receiver allows this type to be very small size using behind the ear

•     The RIE model offers more natural sound quality and can be used with

      standard ear prints or ear dome

•     This type is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss





•    The BTE model is specifically designed to fit the shape of the earlobe

•     Customized colors can resemble skin and hair color


•     Earmoulds are lightweighted and comfortable to use all day long


•     This type is suitable for all spectrums from mild to profound hearing loss


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